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     For over 80 years, the Ralph Singer Company has been known for its uniquely styled handmade jewelry pieces.

     It all started in 1921 when Oreste Agnini and Ralph Singer founded Agnini & Singer, the first Jewelry Company in Chicago.

     They were both émigrés of Italy. Mr. Agnini specialized in jewelry design and Mr. Singer was an expert and pioneer in the manufacture of jewelry. It was a great match!

     At inception, A&S manufactured hair combs and shoe buckles. Soon they branched out to make all types of Fashion Jewelry and later added Fraternal Jewelry designs.

     The Company has had unique experiences: they made many of the tiaras for many of the New Orleans Mardi Gras queens and they also made special jewelry featuring the symbol of the 1939 World's Fair.

     In the 1940's the company began to identify its fashion jewelry with the maker's mark of ORA Creations (TM). This maker's mark was made famous by the A&S.

     As Fashion jewelry reached a peak in popularity during the 1930's, 40's & 50's, ORA Creations were advertised in Vogue and other fashion magazines.

     In 1984, the company was purchased by the Stanford Smith family of Kenilworth, Illinois. Today, with over 80 years of continuous production experience, the Ralph Singer Company continues to specialize in Fashion and Fraternal Jewelry.

     We continue to cast our jewelry from the original molds dating back to 1921 and use only the finest materials. We take pride in our craft and in our unique jewelry designs.

Stan & Carole Smith
The Ralph Singer Company

Agnini & Singer made jewelry for
the 1939 World's Fair
As advertised in Vogue - November 1955
In the 1940's & 1950's, many of the Company's designs were advertised in Vogue and other fashion magazines.
Ora Creations (TM) was a trend setter that became known world-wide.
As advertised in Vogue - November 1955
Agnini & Singer has made many
tiaras for Mardi Gras
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